Here Are Common Problems Experienced by Students

 The following lists the ten most frequently presented problems for which MSU students seek services at the Counseling Center:Photo of girl thinking

  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety, nervousness, worrying
  3. Schoolwork and grades
  4. Relationship with romantic partner
  5. Self-esteem, self-confidence
  6. Procrastination, getting motivated, managing time
  7. Relationship with family and parents
  8. Decision about major/career
  9. Concentration
  10. Irritability

Intervention Tips

Here are some tips for concerned parents who believe their student may be experiencing difficulties.

Offer Supportive Feedback

In a supportive manner, let your student know the reasons you are concerned. Be sure to be specific about what you have observed.

Normalize the Student’s Experience

It is not unusual for students to have their first encounter with depression or anxiety during this time of transition and life changes. It may help your student know that because college can be stressful, many students experience some temporary depression or anxiety while in college.

Clarify Expectations and Roles

College is a time when students and their parents experience changes in their roles and expectations for each other. In most cases, students benefit when parents and students clarify their expectations as well as the consequences of not meeting these expectations.

Encourage the Student to Meet with a Counselor

It might help your student to know that they may come to the Counseling Center for one session to see whether or not counseling is the right solution for them. In other words, coming to the Counseling Center for a consultation meeting does not obligate the student to continue in counseling. Our staff are interested in helping each student determine what interventions might work best for them. Sometimes counseling is a good strategy; at other times, non-counseling strategies are more helpful.