Dr. Karen Blackman, M.D.

Olin Health Center & Counseling Center

Dr. Blackman is an Assistant Professor; seeing patients at the Family Medicine Clinic and at Olin Health Cente.r  She also teaches in the Sparrow/MSU Family Medicine Residency Program.  Her poisition allows her to utilize her two specialties, Family Medicine and psychiatry, in an effort to bring psychiatric knowledge to primary care physicians.  Dr. Blackman received her medical degree from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.  She graduated from the MSU/St. Lawrence Family Medicine Residency, then worked as a family doctor, and later, completed a second residency in psychiatry here at MSU.  From that time, she was a general psychiatrist in East Lansing until joining the faculty in 2005.  Dr. Blackman is board certified in both family medicine and psychiatry.

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